Behind the Scenes of a Newborn Session

I was asked by my sister in law if we were interested in doing her second child''s newborn photos in the middle of 2018. Of course, I said yes right away! I was scared to death as I had NO clue how to shoot newborns!!! 

I will be the first to tell you, it was by no means an easy task....and I knew this going in. I truly took the task on by going at this with everything I had. I started to buy things that I would need, and on my "off" time would watch video after video of how to photograph newborns. 

When you think about how much a newborn photo shoot costs, it is worth every penny to get someone to know what you are doing. This includes time and money spent on all of the equipment that it takes to do a photo shoot like this! From the bean bag, filling for the beanbag, blankets, backdrops, stands, and can just imagine that the cost is not cheap. 

I was so excited when I found out she was born at almost 3 weeks early on New Years Eve! What a birthday?! I was so nervous at this point, and immediately got my stuff together to figure out what I was going to do. 

But need a place to put all this stuff!!! This is something that I knew was going to be my biggest challenge! I talked to my mother in law and told her that I was going to set up shop in her sun room! She was totally okay with this, but still did not put me at ease. 

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In the morning of the shoot, I had previously purchased a stand to place the beanbag in and use the blankets to put over it to make it stretch with no wrinkles. I wanted to make sure I knew what I was doing, so as I went to go put it together, the pieces weren't right....and I was freaking out!!! I woke Dave up and made him help me, thinking I didn't know what I was doing......well, low and behold, he apparently didn't either. So, I went to the drawing board, and looked up how to make my own. Yes, I had Dave go to Lowes and buy the supplies to make this. Mind you we only had hours before we would be doing the photo shoot!

Dave got to work, as I started to set everything else up. Making sure our lighting was just right, and the blankets and outfits were laid out to match each other! An hour later, the stand was complete, and ready to go! 

So we turned up the heat and made sure the room had me dripping sweat, but knowing that this is what it needed to be to make the setting just right for Monreau to be her picture best! 

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Monreau (1 of 51)

You can see from the behind the scenes photos, it doesn't look like your typical studio, but from the final would never know! 

I am so honored to have taken these first professional photos of my niece! Put some comments below and let me know what you think!!

 Welcome to the world Monreau Catherine King! 

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